Indiana Jones Movie Memorabilia is as action packed as the movies themselves. Collector Gailen, who we came across many years ago, has been on an epic Indy adventurer, seeking out and purchasing an estimated $22,000 worth of Indiana Jones Memorabilia which includes autographed photographs from Harrison Ford, Movies props like Indy’s notebook and fedora, whips and movie posters, costumes and weapons, the list is endless.



We found it very difficult to pick out one item that we loved in this Indiana Jones Movie Memorabilia collection, although the monkey skull showing the brains probably brought the quickest reaction amongst us! The beauty of this collection is all the little things and the way Gailen has built up the room to house this wonderful collection.

When you come across a collector who has picked out their interest and are enjoying themselves it is a wonderful sight. Most of us grew up hiding the things we collected for reasons that seem strange now. Just because someone else doesn’t understand your passion for something should never stop you doing what interests, excites or educates you.

Collecting is a wonderful way to meet people and we have always been impressed with the level of knowledge every single collector has about their particular interest.




Take a look at this incredible Movie Memorabilia collection, curated by collector Gailen, who is our real life Indiana Jones hero! Just be grateful you can take your time looking at the pictures below without a giant rock ball chasing you through the process! As Indy would say, ‘look for the clues!’ because we have looked

As Indy would say, ‘look for the clues!’ because we have looked through Gailen’s Indiana Jones Movie Memorabilia collection a number of times, but every time we look we find another gem hiding somewhere. This truly is a collection worthy of any Indiana Jones adventure. Enjoy!








indiana-jones-props-memorabilia-13 indiana-jones-props-memorabilia-12










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Part Two of our countdown for the most valuable Star Wars toys continues from 20 to 11. Which of these would be on your list?


20. Boba Fett (’10) – $3,500



Type: LEGO Minifigure – Solid Bronze Promotional Giveaway

Major Factor: Very rare, Only 2 Exist

Boba Fett is a cult figure but when only two exist of is an item you know the value is going to increase dramatically. The Bronze Boba Fett LEGO Minifigure enters our Star Wars most valuable toy list at number 20 because only four were ever made and the two known to be remaining are obviously very rare. These Boba Fett Bronze LEGO minifigures were given away back in 2010 on May the Force be With You Day.



19. Vlix (’88) – $4,000


Type: Glasslite Brand Action Figure (Droids Collection)

Major Factor: Produced only in Brazil

Condition: Any, It is so rare that any condition is valuable.

Have you heard of Vlix? Don’t worry if you haven’t because most people have no idea who he is. Number 19 in the most valuable Star Wars toys appeared in the Star Wars TV Show, Droids, that was released in the 80’s. Kenner, probably the most recognisable name in Star Wars Action Figures planned to release two waves of figures with Vlix scheduled for the second wave. Unfortunately, the show ended before Kenner could release the character but the mould found itself to Brazil where Glasslite produced and released it.


18. Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter (’78) – $4,000


Type: Kenner Brand Vehicle Pre-Production (12-Back Collection)

Major Factor: Pre-Production Model

Condition: Mint in Box, Grade – 85

If you are looking for a good investment in Star Wars toys the vehicles are a great choice as they are very rare in good condition, especially mint in box. The Darth Vader TIE Fighter in mint condition is one for your list when searching for Star Wars vehicles as this pre-production mint in box has been known to reach $4,000 but the price is climbing at the same rate Anakin’s anger did in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.


17. C-3PO LEGO (’07) – $4,100


Type: LEGO Minifigure – Solid Bronze Promotional Giveaway

Major Factor: 1 of 1

How does a C-3P0 bronze LEGO Minifigure appear higher in the Star Wars most valuable toys than a Bronze Boba Fett? Well, the Boba Fett Bronze Minifigure had four created whilst this C-3P0 bronze LEGO Minifigure was a single production for an exclusive ComicCon giveaway. Could you imagine getting your hands on this? What collector wouldn’t want to but our guess is the value is going to rise dramatically over the next few years, keep your eyes open collectors!


16. Chewbacca (’77) – $4,155


Type: Kenner Brand Action Figure (12-Back Original Collection)

Major Factor: Green Bowcaster Variation

Condition: Grade – 85

A Star Wars 12-Back Kenner Chewbacca with Green Bowcaster variation is a very rare figure when still in its box. Even if the packaging for this figure is not in mint condition it will still reach this kind of price.


15. Death Squad Commander (’77) – $4,850


Type: Kenner Brand Action Figure (12-Back Original Collection)

Condition: Grade – 90 (NM-M)

The 1977 Kenner action figures are the most sought after figures in the Star Wars toys most valuable list. The Death Squad Commander from 1977 is from the 12-back original collection and few remain still on the card!


14. Gamorrean Guard Coin (’85) – $5,000


Type: Kenner Brand Action Figure (Power of the Force – 92 Back Set)

Condition: Grade – 85 (NM)

Few of these Gamorrean Guard coins were ever made making them very difficult to find. It is actually the coin in this set that makes the value so high as although you can often find the character the coin in box making it a highly desirable Star Wars collectors item.


13. Boba Fett (’10) – $6,000


Type: LEGO Minifigure – Sterling Silver Promotional Giveaway (Part of Set)

Major Factor: Made of Sterling Silver

Only two sets of these Boba Fett LEGO Minifigures were ever made and given away at the San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration V. Both sets were in glass display cases so the value to the entire set against a single figure is going to be dramatic. But we have put out a bounty on this item and we need a collector with Boba Fett skills to find it for us, or yourself!


12. C-3PO (’07) – $6,200


Type: LEGO Minifigure – Sterling Silver Contest Giveaway

Major Factor: 1 of 1, Made of Sterling Silver

Yet again C-3P0 sneaks ahead of Boba Fett in the Star Wars Toys most valuable top 30. The reason for this anomoly is again the production numbers as although only two Boba Fett Sterling Silver LEGO Minifugures were made, the sterling silver C-3P0 LEGO Minifigure was only produced once. It was part of a Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles in 2007 and was given away in a draw to a lucky fan!


11. Darth Vader (’83) – $6,500


Type: Lili Ledy 30-Back Action Figure – El Regreso del Jedi (Return of the Jedi)

Major Factor: Distributed in Mexico

Condition: New in Box

The Mexico version, Lili Ledy, of the Star Wars action figure is one of the most sought after pieces on any Star Wars toys collectors list. Finding it still in box without creases would take Jedi powers that even Yoda doesn’t possess!

So that is our second part of the Top 30 most valuable Star Wars toys collectors are searching for at the moment. Keep checking the Squirrol blog to see the final top 10. Let us know what you think will be the number 1!

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Looking at the most valuable Star Wars Toys to ever sell is a walk through movie memorabilia history. Every single item priced and reviewed in this three part series.

The mere mention of Star Wars and I am immediately transported to my childhood, as I believe most people my age. The recent new films have launched a whole new fan base and Disney is clearly looking to make the most out of their acquisition with all the films and merchandise that seems to be everywhere at the moment. So here we go travelling to a galaxy far, far away, on a pursuit of Star Wars Toys most expensive ever sold. Starting from number 30 we review 30 to 21 in this post:


30. Boba Fett (’79) – $2,000


Type: Kenner Brand Action Figure (21-Back Set)

Major Factor: It’s Boba Fett

Condition: New in Box

Boba Fett has legendary status in the collectable world and one of the most loved characters in the franchise. He even garnered this cult status before Episode I, II & II was released and he was barely even in the original series. In what was called the 12-back series, due to the 12 figures pictured on the back, demand was so high that more figures were created making it a 20-back set. Although this particular figure was added afterwards making it a 21-back series. Stay with me! I f you have this action figure, still in the pack with the firing rocket attached the value increases nearly 1000% There were safety issues with the rocket which also happened with a James Bond collectable but that is a story for another time.


29. Empire Strikes Back Pack (’81) – $2,100


Type: Kenner Brand Action Figure Set (Darth Vader, Hoth Battle Gear Stormtrooper, At-At Driver, Hoth Battle Gear Rebel Soldier, IG-88, Yoda)

Major Factor: Yellow Background, 1 of 2 sets

Condition: Mint in Box

This si a painful one to review as my brother and I actually had this set! It probably stayed in the box less than 10 seconds and more than likely some of the items were less than perfect after a few minutes. But we love them! If you are lucky enough to still have this set still mint in the box you could be laughing all the way to the bank. I know my brother and I had fun playing with this set though, just wish we’d bought two sets!


28. TIE Interceptor (’88) – $2,151


Type: Glasslite Brand Action Figure Vehicle

Major Factor: Distributed in Brazil

Condition: New in Box

Obviously, as this was distributed in Brazil I never saw this particular toy but wow! It looks really cool. Finding one of these in the box is very rare so if you ever see one I imagine the price may even be higher than it is valued in this list today.


27. Boba Fett (’85) – $2,200


Type: Kenner Branded Action Figure (Droids Set)

Major Factor: Gold Coin from Droids Set

Condition: New in Box

Surprisingly, it is not the Boba Fett action figure where the value of this item comes from but rather the coin. The Coin in the Power of the Force set was silver making this Gold coin the only one available in this time for Boba Fett.


26. Han Solo (’80) – $2,500


Type: Kenner Branded Action Figure

Major Factor: Small Head Variant

Condition: New in Box

You want one? We know! Who doesn’t want the loveable rogue from Star Wars as a Kenner action figure, especially one worth $2,500! The 1980 Han Solo was released as part of the Empire Strikes Back collection with a small head but Kenner needed to fix the mould and make the head more proportional to Harrison Ford. There are not many of the ESB cards with the small head.


25. Imperial Shuttle (’10) – $2,500


Type: LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set

Major Factor: Mini Figures Included w/ Set

Condition: Mint in Box

We know one of the Squirrol team, if not more, are going to be drooling over this particular piece. Especially when they know the real reason for the value of this piece. It is not actually the LEGO Imperial Shuttle, beautiful as it is, that holds the value but rather the Minifigures that come with it which include the Imperial Commander, Imperial Pilot, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker.


24. R2D2 Lunch Box (’77) – $2,600


Type: King Seeley Thermos Lunch Box Prototype

Major Factor: It never went into production, Only 12 exist

It always amazes me how filmmakers are able to put so much personality into characters that are not human but none more so than the lovable silver and blue droid who swept us off our robot-fearing feet in the 1970’s. This R2-D2 lunch box sits neatly into Star Wars most valuable toys because it never went into production and is actually a prototype. Why oh why did they not make this I will never know!


23. Death Star II (’05) – $2,600


Type: LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set

Condition: Mint in Box

I love a challenge and I love LEGO but every time I have seen this item in the shops my Jedi powers have quickly evaporated and I’ve moved onto a smaller piece. This Star Wars Toy is one of the most recently produced that will make our list but even if you have summoned up the dark side and actually built this Death Star you will not impress collectors, well you will but they are not going to pay you for it! Only if this item is mint in box will garner the $2,600 price tag. In order to do that, you will need more than the force to stay on target!


22. George Lucas (’10) – $2,700


Type: LEGO Minifigure Prototype

Major Factor: Rare, Comes w/ Filming Slate

Although George Lucas doesn’t genuinely like being in the spotlight even he must have looked at this LEGO Minifigure and smiled. Although it never went into production and therefore fits into the prototype category as there is no production count on how many were made. If I owned the Star Wars Universe you would be able to stop me creating a Star Wars Jedi action figure with my name all over it!


21. C-3PO (’99) – $3,200



Type: LEGO Minifigure Prototype

Major Factor: Solid Orange, Blank

LEGO Minifigures are going to appear quite a lot in this list as they have become highly sought with Star Wars collectors all over the world, and we have one in the Squirrol team! The reason this LEGO Minifigure is so rare is because he is not gold but quite a 1970’s shade of orange! As this figure was also not actually released it is very difficult to know the numbers that are in circulation, so keep your eyes open…this is the droid you are looking for!


Stay tuned to the Squirrol blog as we continue the series of Star Wars most valuable collectable toys. With the force with us we are sure you are going to love the some of the items that are next on the list. Let us know which of these items you remember or would love as your part of the collection. And no, as we keep telling two members of the team you can’t have them all! May the forec be with you!


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Console games were a huge part of my life growing up. Who am I kidding! It still is but unfortunately, my kids seem to get the best of me most times these days, and yes, that really hurts! From the Commodore, Spectrum, Atari, Amiga to a host of Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo gaming machines I’ve lost a lot of virtual lives in my time.

I still crave time playing but I just don’t seem to have the times these days. However, looking back at some of these games below I can already feel my fingers getting twitchy! Time to get my game back on!

We take a look at 5 of the most valuable console games that have sold recently. Let us know what game you think should be on the list and we’ll create a Top 5 Squirrol fan’s list of game choices.


5) Magical Chase

Platform: TurboGrafx-16

Released: 1993

Potential Sealed Price: $14,000

Used/Worn Price: $7,000


Right near the end of its lifespan TurboGrafx released this scrolling shooter, making copies very difficult to get ahold of these days. Considered something of a classic in the genre Magical Chase is one of the most sought after classic console games. Factory sealed console games rarely come up for auction but one in perfect condition was sold for $13,900. Even in less-than-perfect condition, this game is extremely rare and often sells for at least $7,000.


4) Super Mario Bros.

Platform: NES

Released: 1985

Potential Sealed Price: $25,000

Potential Used/Worn Price: $200


Who hasn’t controlled this beloved plumber at some time in their gaming history? Considering Super Mario Bros is one of the best-selling console games of all time some copies for the NES can fetch thousands of dollars. Although there are various different versions of the console game a used copy can be worth anything from $200 to $600. However, the most valuable version with rare Asian artwork once sold on eBay for $25,000. You can put that in your Mario pipe and smoke it all the way to the bank!


3) Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Edition

Platform: Playstation 3

Released: 2009

Potential Sealed Price: $12,000

Potential Used/Worn Price: $9,500


A more recent console game in gaming history is Unchartered 2 the Fortune Hunter Edition could only be obtained through a competition run by Sony, with only 200 ever made. With beautiful artwork and an intricately modelled dagger replica, it is one of the most extraordinary collector editions ever created. Sealed versions have sold for over $11,000 but even used version can get you a tidy sum of $9,000.


2) Atari Air Raid

Platform: Atari 2600

Released: 1982

Potential Sealed Price: $33,400

Potential Used/Worn Price: $4,000


The original Atari console game was one of my most valued possessions and it is something I have on my want list all these years later. The gameplay, and probably a lot of nostalgia, of those little pixels was gaming heaven for me in my early years. Air Raid came out on the Atari 2600 and in 2011 the cartridge alone sold for $3,575. In 2012, the first complete Air Raid package was sold which included the cartridge, box and manual. It sold for an out of this world $33,433.30, the highest amount ever paid for an Atari 2600 console game.


1) Nintendo World Championships

Platform: NES

Released: 1990

Potential Sealed Price: N/A

Potential Used/Worn Price: $99,902


The most expensive cartridges to ever sell is The Nintendo World Championships which once sold on eBay for $99,902! Although there was talk that the auction was fueled by fake bids the sale was marked as completed. What made the sale so incredible was the condition of the cartridge; the label was torn and written by hand was the word ‘Mario’. Not really a confidence booster given the fact you are purchasing this online! However, this console game only has 90 grey cartridges and 26 gold cartridges are known to still exist. The game is so rare because it was only available in Nintendo World Cartridge Championship tournaments in 1990. Other cartridges have been sold for $8,000 whilst the gold cartridges begin at $15,000.

So which would be your pick would be from the top 5 above and let us know what your favourite console and game as  we would love to hear about them.

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Football memorabilia has always been highly sought in all corners of the world as football’s appeal seems to know no bounds. In fact, Football in England is more like a religion than a sport. Growing up, your place in English society seems to be based on your ability on the football pitch rather than the school classroom! So it is no surprise that big money has been paid for football memorabilia over the years. We look at the top 5:

So it is no surprise that big money has been paid for football memorabilia over the years. We look at the top 5:


1) Nobby Stiles 1966 World Cup Winners Medal – £184,000


Nobby Stiles was a Manchester United and England hero who reached cult status in the world of English football by being one of the players in the England team that won the 1966 World Cup.

Although reluctant to sell his winners medal he wanted to leave something for his sons after he was gone. He knew very well the value of such an item and put the medal up for auction.

It would be the club he played for and loved, Manchester United, who would purchase the medal for £184,000 in order to keep in the football world. Displayed at the Manchester United Museum at Old Trafford Nobby’s spirit shines on. Nobby Stiles medal now sits alongside all the other football memorabilia that graces Manchester United’s Museum.


2) Jules Rimet Trophy Replica – £254,500


In 1997 a replica of the Jules Rimet trophy was put up for sale and was expected to be sold for around 20 to 30 thousand pounds. However, the auction rose quickly for this iconic piece of football memorabilia and was finally purchased for £254,500 by FIFA.

Considering the Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen years before and this was a replica many people speculated that FIFA knew something more than they were saying about this particular piece. FIFA involved in illegal activities? Surely not!


3) 1896 FA Cup – £478,400


The English FA Cup is the most prestigious cup competition in English Football. Growing up in England the FA Cup was a very special occasion with eth entire day (or week if your team was involved). With a build up that matched any TV spectacle, the competition holds a very special place in the hearts of English football fans.

Like the Jule Rimet Trophy the FA Cup was stolen and a replica made in 1896 and you can guess pretty valuable for football memorabilia collectors. In 2005 when the cup went up for auction and reached a record-breaking £474,400. The cup is only one of four ever made for the competition and this is the only one ever put up for sale and sold.


4) 1858 Football Rules Book – £881,250


When you think of any sport the question of the origins always come to your mind. The idea that someone would sit down and put the right type of rules down that would build the foundations of a truly global sport. The rules, regulations and laws of Sheffield Football Club were written by hand in 1858 and when the only remaining known copy came up for auction, expectations were high!

Sotheby’s held the auction for football memorabilia and the rules book sold for £881,250.


5) Geoff Hurst’s World Cup winning shirt – £2.3 million


Geoff Hurst’s name went into football folklore when he scored the only hat trick to be scored in a World Cup Final and helped England beat West Germany 4-2 in extra time.

Imagine what it would be like to own the actual shirt that Geoff Hurst wore during that game? Owning any football shirt touched and handled by your football heroes is one thing but a shirt that was worn creating history with the first and only hat-trick in a world cup final as well as a shirt that is part of the team that recorded Englands only ever World Cup win is incredible! And let’s face it, based on our current performances at World Cup tournaments it doesn’t look like doubling any time soon!

Geoff Hurst actually sold his shirt to a collector for £91,750 in the year 2000, unaware that it could command a much higher price. Since 2000 Geoff Hurst’s shirt has changed hands between multiple collectors and the last sale was for £2.3 million! Given the growth of the value over the years it may one day rival some of football memorabilia’s most expensive piece in history.

Let us know which club you support and which piece of football history would you like to have your hands on? Look out for our upcoming competitions by Squirrol as we may be offering a piece of football memorabilia very soon!

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Sports Memorabilia can come in all shapes and sizes. At Squirrol we love them all. We love collecting because of the history each item has associated with it. Some of these following pieces of sports memorabilia have legendary status in the world of collecting.

Most people have a favourite sportsperson they admire and would give anything to have an item that they used during a sporting moment. For most of us, we would take any small item that was associated with our sporting heroes.

There are some moments in sporting history that have such incredible legendary importance for a sport, individual sportsperson and fans that the value of memorabilia reaches astronomical values.

We can all dream about owning these pieces, not because of how much they are worth, but because of how much they mean to us true fans.

We take a look at the most valuable sports memorabilia ever sold:

11. Babe Ruth 1932 “Called Shot” Jersey $940,000 (£747,633)


Even people who do not follow baseball will have heard the story of George Herman Ruth, Jr. (Nicknamed Babe Ruth) when during the World Series of 1932, in the third game the scores were tied at four to four in the fifth inning against the Chicago Cubs. Babe Ruth was taking some flak from the opposition about his hitting when he came up to the mound to bat.

Babe Ruth pointed to the bleachers in centre field and on the very next pitch he hit his fifteenth how run of the year, exactly where had pointed. This home run became sporting history and was known as Bath Ruth’s called shot. The shirt he wore during that moment starts off our top 10 most sports memorabilia ever sold.

10. Babe Ruth 1919 Yankees Contract with Red Sox $996,000 (£792,174)


Yes, Babe Ruth memorabilia is very sought after and this second entry is still not the last in our top 10 most sports memorabilia ever sold. When Babe Ruth was sold for $100,000 from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees in 1919 and the contract would become a legendary piece of sporting memorabilia. In July of 2005, Babe Ruth’s contract from that sale would be sold to a collector for $996,000.


9. Muhammad Ali’s Boxing Gloves from 1965 Fight Against Floyd Patterson $1.1 million (£8,749,000)


In round twelve of the 1965 heavyweight title fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mohammad Ali knocked out Floyd Patterson and the gloves of that fight would go on to be sold for over one million dollars. Many believed Mohammad Ali was upset over taunts from Patterson before the fight. Whether that is true or not we know whoever owns these gloves, worn by one of the top sportsmen of the century, is not upset!


8. Football Rules Book (circa 1859) $1.1 million (£881,250)


The Beautiful game of Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. 1n 1958 the Rules, Regulations and Laws of Sheffield Football Club were written and this one pictured above is the only known surviving copy that sold for $1.4 million.


7. Babe Ruth Bat from First Home Run at Yankee Stadium (1923) $1,265,000 (£1,006,124)


Yes, It’s Babe Ruth again! In 1920 Babe Ruth hit 54 home runs with the first being against the team that sold him, that must have hurt! When the bat was sold for $1,265,00 it was the highest price paid for a bat and still is today.

6. Paul Henderson 1972 Summit Series Jersey $1,275,707 (£1,014,640)


If you don’t know anything about Ice Hockey the 1972 game between the Russians and Canadians was a game that shook the sport. Favourites Russia were beaten 3-2 by the Canadians and the 19 Paul Henderson scored the winning goal. Twice voted into Canada’s Sports Hall of fame for his contribution to the professional game in Canada that moment scoring the winning goal was the highlight of his career and led to his shirt being purchased for $1,275,707.



5. Honus Wagner 1909 Baseball Card $2.8 million (£2.23 million)


When it comes to baseball cards few cause shivers down collectors spines as the Honus Wagner 1909 baseball card. Most believed Honus Wagner, nicknamed the Flying Dutchman, to be the best player of all times in the history of baseball. There is another reason this particular baseball card is so valuable. Only 60-200 were ever released as Wagner refused the American Tabacco Company to include the card in packs of cigarettes, as they were in those days. Honus did not want children to buy cigarettes in order to get his card.

4) Geoff Hurst’s World Cup winning shirt – £2.3 million


Geoff Hurst’s name went into football folklore when he scored the only hat trick to be scored in a World Cup Final and helped England beat West Germany 4-2 in extra time.

Imagine what it would be like to own the actual shirt that Geoff Hurst wore during that game? Owning any football shirt touched and handled by your football heroes is one thing but a shirt that was worn creating history with the first and only hat-trick in a world cup final as well as a shirt that is part of the team that recorded Englands only ever World Cup win is incredible! And let’s face it, based on our current performances at World Cup tournaments it doesn’t look like doubling any time soon!

Geoff Hurst actually sold his shirt to a collector for £91,750 in the year 2000, unaware that it could command a much higher price. Since 2000 Geoff Hurst’s shirt has changed hands between multiple collectors and the last sale was for £2.3 million! Given the growth of the value over the years it may one day rival some of football memorabilia’s most expensive piece in history.

3. Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Ball (1998) $3 million (£2.39 million)


The name Mark McGwire, nicknamed Big Mac, echoed around the world in 1998 as he broke the record with 70 home runs. That 70th home run ball that Mark McGuire hit was sold for $3 million.

2. James Naismith’s Founding Rules of Basketball (1891) $4,338,500


Often called the birth certificate of Basketball, James Naismith is given credit for creating the game of Basketball. James Naismith wrote the rules in 1891 and they went on to sell on the auction block for $4,338,500.

1. Babe Ruth Jersey (circa 1920) $4,415,658 (£3,512,016)


Babe Ruth hit a home run even in our top 10 most sports memorabilia ever sold, that’s how good he was! Babe Ruth’s jersey worn in 1920 is the earliest known jersey worn by Babe with the Yankees. The jersey had been on display at The Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum in Baltimore. No one is sure why it came up for auction.

So that is our top 10 most sports memorabilia ever sold, which of these would be your favourites and more importantly what sports memorabilia would you love to get your hands on, who knows, maybe we can help!


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Collecting autographs is one of the most well known collecting hobbies in the world. There are few people who when meeting a celebrity of some kind haven’t had the urge to ask for an autograph.

One of the challenges has always been not having a pen or something to write on leading to legendary stories like Jimi Hendrix writing on the breasts of a fan with a permanent marker! Mind you would you wash again anyway with an autograph like that on your body?

Squirrol supports and helps autograph hunters all over the world so we wanted to look at the top ten most valuable celebrity autographs. Counting down from 10 to 1, here we go:

10) Marilyn Monroe


Starting off this list with one of the most famous faces ever to grace the silver screen. As well known for her movies as her beauty and star appeal off the screen it is no surprise that she appears on this list. Marilyn’s autograph has sold for over £6,950.

9) Musician and Beatles legend John Lennon


Imagine all the autographs in the world and we are sure that the Beatles would be in a list of celebrity autographs that most people would list. John Lennon’s autograph has sold for £6,950.

8) Prime Minister Winston Churchill 


The Prime Minister who epitomised the bulldog British spirit during the Second World War was also an accomplished artist. With or without a faint smell of cigar smoke, Winston Churchill’s autograph is valued at £6,950.

4) USA President John F Kennedy


The anniversary of the assassination of USA President John F Kennedy will be 54 years on 22nd November 2017. Still one of the most talked about presidents due to theories of the truth behind that day in Dealey Plaza makes JFK’s autograph worth roughly £7,500.

6) First Man on the Moon, Astronaut Neil Armstrong


The first man on the moon’s autograph is priced at £8,500. Recently deceased we are sure Neil Armstrong’s autograph will rise in value, watch this space!


5) Albert Einstein 


The man behind E=MC2 and a haircut we love has quite a following of fans in the Science and celebrity arenas. Albert’s scientific moniker is worth an estimated £8,950.

4) Princess Diana 


The most loved royal of all time, not only in the UK but around the world, has an autograph that is highly sought by fans of the royals as well as history fans. Diana’s autograph has been sold for £8,950.


3) Admiral Horatio Nelson


We take a trip back in history for number 8 with Admiral Horatio Nelson who has a valuation on his autograph at around £10,500. You can imagine why this is so high on the list given the history and age of any autograph you find of this British icon.


2) Martial Arts Legend & Actor Bruce Lee


The legend of films like ‘Enter the Dragon’ and ‘Fists of Fury’ has an autograph value of around £11,ooo. POW!


1) Actor James Dean
The Rebel Without a Cause star’s signature is said to be worth £18,000 on the open market.Now that’s an autograph with a cause!

So that is our round of autographs based on a study conducted by Paul Fraser Collectibles. Images are credited to The Telegraph.

Keep your eyes open for an autograph competition giveaway that any collector would love to own. It will be free to enter so remember to check back on this site. Also let us know your thoughts on the above list, who would you have thought would have been on here? 

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You have probably heard of a baseball card selling for millions of pounds and wondered, ‘how is that possible?’ Collectibles are highly sought after items from the past for example, baseball cards that were made in the 1970s or before. Some collectibles are highly sought after especially if they were limited edition items. Collection as a hobby is very wide with different people preferring collecting different items. Some of the most popular collector items are coins, stamps, comics, works of art like paintings, and sports memorabilia like baseball cards. Collecting as a hobby is fun and sometimes turns a serious profit. You should try your hand at it for some reasons.

Good fun

Collecting is a good alternative hobby more engaging than movies or video games for example. It will take you places and open you to a whole new community that will be happy to share information on your newfound hobby.

Good finds

There are still plenty of items to be collected in any line you choose. If you decide to become a coin collector for example you can still get a lot of coins from the 1960’s and 70’s. These will very likely become highly sought after in the coming 10 years or so when these items hit 50 years and above.


Collecting will broaden your knowledge on your hobby. If you are collecting coins for example you will learn about coins from the Roman times, medieval times, colonial periods and near history. You will find sub-branches of that will keep you engaged and interested for long. If you are doing this as a family, it is a good way of getting your kids interested in history.


You can still get good items for low value. Items like MacDonald premiums still go for very little but hold promise of becoming valuable in the future as Beanie Babies become more popular. D.C. Comics from the 1950s for example can easily fetch upwards of $15,000 per book. Special edition stamps like Queen Elizabeth’s coronation can also fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.


A good collection is something to be proud of handing over to your kids. It is an emotional gift, giving you and your kids something to share.

Your choice of a collecting hobby can only limited by your imagination. It is an engaging hobby that has unlimited possibilities. You will make new friends and travel the world chasing your hobby. In any event it is a good investment choice just like saving for a rainy day.


November 1st, 2016

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The collector’s world has its peculiar characteristics. Items that have always been coveted continue to be in high demand, while even more items are added to the most coveted list. It is an ever expanding market. 2016 supports this trend. Along with the usual comics, stamps, coins, baseball cards and so on, new attraction trends are showing strong interest in Deruta ceramics, mocha ware, vintage gin bottles and costume jewelry. Many of these items can still be had for a few hundred dollars giving collectors very good prospects.

Gin bottles

Hand crafted case gin bottles are very much in the sights of collectors. Gin bottles date back to 17th century when the use of glass was starting to become widespread. Early glass usually came thick and in hues ranging from dark green to light yellow. Early glass was usually blown by hand, leading to much bubbling and some imperfections in finishing. This kind of glass is attracting the strongest demand.


Mochaware’s name does not come from the coffee preparation, but from a type of rock with decorative patterns. Mochaware was originally made in 18th century Britain but later spread to the continent. It was used as slipware to add a little color to tableware. The most coveted Mochaware bears dendritic or tree-like patterns.

Small paintings

Rare paintings have always attracted high demand, going for millions of dollars. The long interest in paintings has led to an inflexible market where there are very few big paintings in the market. It would take much persuasion and millions of dollars to buy a Picasso for example. This has made collectors pivot to small paintings. There is a rush to collect them as prices are still below ten thousand for most.

Depression glass

Depression glass was made in the 1900s to the 1940s. This glass was initially given away for free by merchants to rewards buyers of other items. This glass has a clean cut, and varying colors like pink, yellow and grin. Depression glass is a good alternative for collectors who are looking for something less expensive than fine china items. Glass with unique color and pattern attracts high demand.


Books remain coveted collector items. Classics and first edition books will attract different collectors according to the collectors’ tastes. A first edition of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in perfect condition attracts upwards of $400,000. The good thing with collecting books is that thousands are lying around in home libraries and can be had on the cheap.


October 24th, 2016

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Many collectors are often at a loss of where to store their prised collectibles when storage space gets very limited. Some grudgingly give away the collection, while others will hand on to their collection at all costs even if it means using the office desk, or the car boot. However, your home has a lot of space you probably have never thought about, where your collectibles can be safely stored.

The sofa

Sofas are often not tight to the wall. The space between the sofa and the wall is adequate for small boxes. In homes where there are no children, this space can go for years without being disturbed save for the occasional dusting. Your collection will be secure in this space.

Kitchen cabinets

Do you often eat out? If your answer is yes, there must be lots of room in your kitchen cabinets. Even if you do cook at home most of the time, you can still make room by reorganizing the kitchen cabinets, as most stuff used in the kitchen is temporary. However, remember to store your collectible in a watertight container as the kitchen can get hot and humid at times when cooking.

Under the bed

The bed and space underneath it have long been used to store all kinds of stuff. Many beds have a large amount storage within the frame. This space is very secure as the bedroom is off limits in many homes.

The windowsill

This is an easily accessible space as many windowsills are at waist level. The best windows to use are those whose curtains are not drawn open on a regular basis. This will avoid a lot of disturbance and probable damage to your collection.

Above the door

Fixing a floating shelf on the top door frame can make an excellent and unusual storage space. Many people rarely look up to the door frame when stepping in or out. If the door is in a less used room, so much the better for your collection as it will be left undisturbed.

Unused bookshelves

If you would like to display your collection, an unused bookshelf is an ideal space. The only disadvantage with this being that it is easily accessible. If your home does not have young children, this is a storage space as good as any other.

Under the coffee table

The space under the coffee table in the corner, the one that is rarely used is a good storage space. You can access your collection easily and display it when you need to.

October 19th, 2016

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